Health and Wellbeing news

Health and Wellbeing news


Practical dementia insights shared at NZTC PD evenings

Healthcare assistants’ commitment to delivering outstanding care was evident with the large turnout to recent PD evenings.

India Grad 2018

ECE graduates inspired to embrace messy play in India

NZTC India celebrated their largest graduating class to date.

HW schlorship

NZTC supports sector with Health and Wellbeing scholarships

Level 3 and 4 programs are $199 for a limited time.


NZTC community inspired to grow and lead by Global Leadership Summit

Staff and NZTC community members came together to gain insight and guidance at the college’s annual screenings.

C one

NZTC awarded third consecutive NZQA Category One status

NZTC’s Category 1 status renewed for another four years.
NZTC Staff

NZTC celebrates with Vision, Heart, Competence and Spirit

The college takes time to reflect on NZTC’s core values through the annual tradition of Values Month.

New Zealand Tertiary College Health and Wellbeing Lecturer Helen Hegley, Manager Mandi Smith and Lecturer Joy Radford

NZTC support for Health and Wellbeing students filled with Heart

Health and Wellbeing Program Manager Mandi Smith shares the heart that the NZTC team puts into supporting students.


Healthcare Assistant graduates care with Vision, Heart, Competence and Spirit

Health and Wellbeing Level 3 and Level 4 students graduate with relevant skills and knowledge grounded in the college values.


Health and Wellbeing graduates’ achievements celebrated

NZTC acknowledged 25 Health and Wellbeing Level 3 and 4 students’ success.

Carers gifted with knowledge to support clients with diabetes

Carers gifted with knowledge to support clients with diabetes

Nearly 100 healthcare workers in Auckland and Christchurch attended the NZTC PD evening.


NZTC graduate grows through gifting unconditional love to India’s poor

Josephine Gibbs shares how a trip to India turned into regular visits to care for both young and old.


Free PD evenings to share more about diabetes essentials

Learn more about diabetes at NZTC’s free professional development opportunities in July.