NZTC History

NZTC History


New Zealand Tertiary College ,Early Childhood Teacher


New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) was founded in 1982 by Glennie Oborn, the Managing Director of Kindercare Learning Centres New Zealand. Glennie identified the need for high quality teacher education programs to support the teachers working in her centres. NZTC was originally named Kindercare Early Childhood Teachers College, and twelve students enrolled in its inaugural program to attain the Kindercare Early Childhood Teachers Certificate.

The reputation of the program quickly grew, and other early childhood centres began to send their teachers to the College. In 1991, the College was approved by the newly established New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and received recognition from the Teachers Registration Board that the College’s program was equivalent to the Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) offered at public institutions.

In 1995, the College’s three-year Diploma of Teaching (ECE) was approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and the New Zealand Teacher Registration Board (today known as the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand). This was a significant achievement for NZTC as the College was the first private training establishment to achieve this recognition after challenging NZQA and the Ministry of Education on the grounds of student choice, discrimination and human rights as they previously did not allow PTE’s to deliver this program.

In 1997 the College changed its name to New Zealand Tertiary College and NZQA accredited the College to deliver its programs via a distance learning mode; a seminal event in the College’s history.

In 2003 the leadership of NZTC passed to Selena Fox, a former academic staff member. By 2006 the College had over 500 students enrolled and moved to its current premises in Greenlane, Auckland. 2007 saw NZTC open an office in Christchurch to provide greater support for South Island students, and in the same year NZTC became the first Private Training Establishment in New Zealand to have approval and accreditation for an undergraduate degree in early childhood teacher education.

NZTC progressed their distance learning mode in 2009 with the launch of NZTC Online, which enabled students to move from paper-based correspondence to online study. NZTC Online transformed distance learning at the College, and today 100% of NZTC’s students study through NZTC Online. The College also expanded its qualifications to the postgraduate level in the same year.

NZTC was officially recognised for its research capability by the Tertiary Education Commission in 2012, becoming eligible for government research funding through the Performance Based Research Fund.

In October 2014, the Christchurch-based New Zealand College of Early Childhood Education (NZCECE) was added to the NZTC family. The acquisition of NZCECE by NZTC, and the subsequent merging of the Colleges, resulted in the collaboration of a wealth of experience and expertise spanning over 33 years at NZTC and 24 years at NZCECE, to serve the early childhood sector in New Zealand and beyond.

In 2017, for the first time since the College’s inception, qualifications were launched beyond early childhood education. NZTC identified a need to support healthcare assistants with quality qualifications to assist them in their work in the health sector. Two health and wellbeing qualifications were launched – New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing – Health Assistance Strand (Level 3) and New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Advanced Support) (Level 4).

NZTC India

Glennie Oborn and Selena Fox travelled to India in 2006 to understand more about the country’s early childhood education system. As they visited the kindergartens, early childhood centres and schools in India, they recognised a strong commitment to early childhood teaching.

Further visits to learn more about how to support children and communities in India resulted in due diligence being undertaken to ascertain the possibility of creating an NZTC support office in India.

With support from Education New Zealand’s Export Education Innovation Program, NZTC set up an office in Mumbai, India, in 2009.

NZTC India began providing early childhood education qualifications to students and partners in India through their specialised online learning program – NZTC Online. The first intake of 20 students started their undergraduate qualifications in 2010, and each year this number continues to grow as students graduate with NZTC qualifications delivered via NZTC Online.

Over the years NZTC has developed a close relationship with the Jagriti Children’s Home in New Delhi. We are honoured to support Jagriti and the girls who live there, offering them new hope, opportunities and horizons.

NZTC in China

The Sino-New Zealand Cooperation Program was launched in 2014 as an exclusive agreement between NZTC and the Fujian Preschool Education College, the second largest early childhood teacher college in China. The program provides Fujian College students with the opportunity to study courses delivered by NZTC that lead to a China Ministry of Education Diploma in Early Childhood Education and an NZTC Certificate in Early Childhood Teaching (Level 6).

The initiative provides insightful knowledge for Chinese students as they are engaged in international perspectives and approaches to early childhood teacher education, as well as a large emphasis being placed on English language skills, which are of growing importance in China for teachers and educators of young children.

NZTC was added to the Jiaoyu Shewai Jianguan Xinxiwang (JSJ) Study Abroad website in December 2015. The JSJ Study Abroad website lists education providers outside of China who are highly regarded by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Chinese students who are considering studying towards tertiary qualifications offshore use the website as a reference point to determine a country and college that meets their needs abroad.

Jagriti Academy

NZTC shared their Heart and commitment to children and education with the opening of Jagriti Academy on 22 November 2015 in Utter Pradesh, Ballia, India. NZTC is a key supporter of the school which serves over 400 first generation learners from preschool aged children to year five.

Jagriti Academy offers schooling, homework support and a daily meal for all children who attend. It also supports the development of teachers, the school families, and the wider Ballia village area with education, construction projects, and school administration and operation jobs including an onsite cook and microenterprise initiatives.

NZTC Global

NZTC expanded its reach abroad in March 2016 with the launch of NZTC Global, a one stop hub website that empowers students to research early childhood education qualification opportunities, enrol online, pay online and liaise directly with the College.

NZTC Global is marketed internationally enabling New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved qualifications to be accessed and achieved by students anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Eight early childhood education qualifications are offered, ranging from introductory level certificates to master’s degrees. All programs can be studied via NZTC Online and completed at a time and place that suits the student.