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Training for the early childhood profession

About Us
New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) is a private tertiary education provider with campuses in Auckland and Christchurch. For over 30 years we have specialised in providing high-quality, professional qualifications that cater to the changing needs of the early childhood sector.

Our vision is to empower our students with knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs that will enable them to be effective early childhood educators. To fulfill our vision we aim to:

  • Deliver relevant and high quality academic training in early childhood education
  • Provide a stimulating, supportive learning environment for our students
  • Recognise the uniqueness of early childhood development in the life cycle
  • Create a learning environment that enables our students to realise their highest potential as early childhood teachers
  • Give our students practical skills for working in the early childhood sector
  • Recognise and appreciate that our students are uniquely gifted and their individuality should be respected
  • Educate our students to support the child's primary caregivers - the parents
  • Acknowledge that early childhood teachers can make a difference in the lives of young children and their families
  • Enable our students to be true professionals in their career


We are approved and accredited to offer early childhood education qualifications by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). NZQA is the New Zealand government entity that oversees quality assurance for all New Zealand assessments and qualifications. All of our qualifications are listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. We are regularly monitored and evaluated by NZQA. The latest External Evaluation and Review report can be viewed HERE.

Professional recognition through NZ teacher registration

Our Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) are programs recognised by the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (Education Council), which means that graduates are eligible to apply for teacher registration in New Zealand.

Our Conceptual Framework identifies and discusses the 13 principles underpinning the New Zealand Tertiary College program that provides students with a pathway towards teacher registration. These principles are guided by the Education Council. If you would like to access or review the Conceptual Framework please contact the Conceptual Framework team with your request.

Industry connections

We provide early childhood teacher education to students who are working in a variety of services and organisations.

We have close ties with numerous early childhood service providers. We also work closely with the Early Childhood Council - the industry body that represents a large percentage of the early childhood industry in New Zealand.

NZTC overseas

NZTC’s offshore students study through our online learning environment – NZTC Online, which gives our students the flexibility to choose where and when they learn, enabling them to study alongside their family and work commitments.

NZTC India

NZTC India was established in 2009 with a support office in Mumbai, enabling the College to offer eight specialist early childhood education qualifications to students in India, achieved through our online learning platform NZTC Online.

To learn more about NZTC India visit www.nztertiarycollege.in

NZTC Global

Students all over the world are able to study internationally recognised, specialist early childhood education qualifications online, anywhere, anytime with NZTC Global.

Eight New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved qualifications are offered ranging from introductory level certificates to master’s degrees, all with no practical teaching requirements.

For more information about NZTC Global, please visit www.nztcglobal.com

NZTC China                    

NZTC has an exclusive agreement with the Fujian Preschool Education College, the second largest early childhood teacher college in China, called the Sino-New Zealand Cooperation Program. The program provides Fujian College students with the opportunity to study courses delivered by NZTC that lead to a China Ministry of Education Diploma in Early Childhood Education and an NZTC Certificate in Early Childhood Teaching (Level 6).

NZTC has been recognised by the Chinese Ministry of Education as a trusted education provider and our qualifications are approved for Chinese students to attain public and private work in China by the Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange. NZTC is also listed on the Jiaoyu Shewai Jianguan Xinxiwang website (China List) for high quality education institutions outside of China.

Investment plan

If you wish to see a copy of the NZTC Investment Plan Summary, please contact our General Manager James Ward.

Statutory information

As required, each governing member of New Zealand Tertiary College has submitted to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) a statutory declaration of any material conflicts of interest, and any interest that the person has in organisations in the education or immigration sector that provides goods or services to tertiary students.

Trustees of the Living and Learning Family Centres Foundation, together with directors of Kindercare Learning Centres Ltd., are governing members of New Zealand Tertiary College. These organisations support field practice experiences for students.

New Zealand Tertiary College charges no student services fees over and above the fees advertised.

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