NZQA rating of NZTC


About NZQA’s External Evaluation and Review

NZQA is the New Zealand government organisation that ensures tertiary education organisations comply with statutory policies and criteria, this includes engaging in an independent periodic external evaluation and review (EER).

Each EER provides an independent judgement of the reviewed organisation’s educational performance and capability in self-assessment. NZQA judges educational performance by how educational outcomes represent quality and value for learners and the wider community.

Summary of NZTC’s EER results

As a Category One provider, NZQA is “Highly Confident” in NZTC’s educational performance and “Highly Confident” in NZTC’s capability in self-assessment.

  • Valued outcomes, high achievement and relevant learning opportunities are supported by highly effective processes, including NZTC’s excellent online learning and academic and pastoral support.
  • NZTC’s mission statement and values are integral to the organisational culture and contribute to all key activities, their integrity and authenticity.
  • NZTC contributes significant value to its communities, including sharing research and knowledge to benefit the early childhood education and health and wellbeing sectors.
  • Extensive needs analysis ensures NZTC responds well to sector needs. Programs are carefully developed and reviewed to ensure strong matching of needs.
  • Staff and learner professional development and career advancement are nurtured. Research is incorporated into teaching and learning.
  • NZTC reviews and strengthens performance based on quality self-assessment. Feedback is valued and used, and external insights are invited.
  • There is very strong evidence of the continuity of exceptional performance and self-assessment.

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