NZTC Symposium 2016

NZTC Symposium 2016
9:00am - 4:30pm
NZTC Auckland Campus - Level 2, 1 Marewa Rd, Greenlane, Auckland


Early childhood educators, policy makers and experts shared their expertise on the importance of leadership in early childhood education at the 2016 NZTC Symposium. Nearly 90 delegates attended the professional development day and took part in interactive presentations, workshops, a poster session, and heard from a panel of experts.

International keynote speaker Luis Hernandez, a front runner in ECE management and leadership topics and co-author of Learning from the Bumps in the Road, spoke about five key ingredients of leadership. Curiosity, confidence, team, communication and fearlessness were all named as integral to effective leadership in the workplace and beyond.

Feedback from delegates included:

  • “Luis has reminded me to be strong and confident when I am teaching and to practice my leadership everyday…. with intentionality.”
  • “It is not always easy to keep one’s passion flowing in daily life. Luis reminded me how important it is to actively pursue our passion and to fearlessly continue doing what might feel uncomfortable as it most likely is the right thing to do.”
  • “Not only was attending some of the presentations beneficial but also talking to some of the attendees about their teaching philosophies and how they would change and adapt them after attending the symposium.”
  • “A whirlwind of passion and inspiration but also a reminder that we don’t have to know the outcome of everything before we even have taken the first step. Be courageous, try out new things, be scared but do it anyway and remember to have fun along the way as this will be a great motivation to keep on going.”

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