NZTC Research Conference 2015

NZTC Research Conference 2015
9:00am - 4:30pm
NZTC Auckland Campus - Level 2, 1 Marewa Rd, Greenlane, Auckland

The 2015 NZTC Research Conference explored strategies for supporting young children in their emotional, social and relationship development, with presentations, workshops and interactive discussions from a multidisciplinary group of speakers.

Our keynote speaker was Dr Kay Albrecht, President of Innovations in Early Childhood Education, Inc., and Partner of Social Emotional Tools for Life. The award-winning teacher, scholar, author and policymaker in early childhood education travelled from Houston, Texas, to share her research and expertise with conference delegates.

Feedback from delegates included:

  • “Today was awesome. I can now walk away with more information as a student teacher, so thank you NZTC.”
  • “I really enjoyed the whole conference, especially the discussion about emotional and social support in early education. I appreciate that the conference deeply inspired me and brought me fresh thinking about early childhood education.”
  • “The conference was informative and fun, and it helped me to reflect on my philosophy, pedagogy, and emotional/social development as an ECE teacher. It also helped me clarify my future career plan as a researcher! I'm very happy that I made it to the conference and I’m looking forward to the next one.”
  • “Need more conferences like this for the future, please. Thank you very much for this beautiful conference that you provided so we can learn more about how to communicate with children.”

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