Tamlyn Moore

Tamlyn Moore
Nervous about studying online at first, Tamlyn Moore has excelled in her early childhood education studies.

Tamlyn Moore with her two children

Name: Tamlyn Moore
NZTC Qualification: Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Why did you want to become an early childhood educator?
Since my teenage years, I’ve always wanted to work with children, however I left school young and went straight into the work force. I often thought about studying but always had a reason why I couldn’t. I got married, had two beautiful children and it was when my eldest daughter started kindergarten that I realised it was something I wanted to do and that I could actually do it!

When did you begin your bachelor’s degree and how have you found studying at NZTC so far?
I started after my youngest daughter turned three in October 2015. At first I found the task of studying very daunting because I hadn’t studied since I was 15 years old, never mind doing it all online! NZTC eased me into it and I found my feet. I’m learning to ask a lot of questions and lean on my online community where everyone has been very helpful and they try to point me in the right direction.

What early childhood education teaching philosophies have you developed while studying?
I want to be a reflective teacher which will help me know where my skills and capabilities lie and keep me open to change. I know I can always learn more and be better at what I do! I value the importance of a teacher who scaffolds a child’s learning and helps guide them through play furthering their development.

What has been your biggest breakthrough or accomplishment that you have gone through in your studies?
My biggest breakthrough was getting my first result back. I was nervous and full of doubt in myself but I passed with distinction. I was elated and immediately a sense of relief washed over me. I can do this! The doubt still creeps in but I’m learning to send it packing.

Have you had any major challenges while studying and how have you managed to overcome them?
Time management! Fitting in the time to study, be with family, run a household and spend time with friends was extremely challenging at the beginning. I am sure at times it will still sneak up on me, but I think the biggest lesson I have learnt is not to take too much on board - to not over promise and to always set realistic expectations of what I can achieve.

What are your plans once you graduate?
I plan to teach in a kindergarten working with children two years and up. I love this age. It’s where the curious little minds and personalities really start to develop.

What were you doing before studying at NZTC and did that have any influence on your decision to study early childhood education?
I was in the property development sector with high expectations of time and commitment. The role was varied and I did enjoy it. However when I faced going back to it, I realised I wasn’t truly passionate about it.

What advice would you give to others wanting to study early childhood education?
You can do it! Nothing is impossible! Every day in this job is different, yet every day is just as rewarding as the day before.