Subing Xuan

Subing Xuan
New Zealand’s natural beauty, high-quality education and extensive ECE employment opportunities make it an ideal study destination for Subing Xuan.



Name: Subing Xuan
NZTC qualification: Postgraduate Diploma in Education (ECE)

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.
I’m from Beijing, China, and I’ve been in New Zealand for just two months. I’m very excited about my life and study here!

Before I came to New Zealand I worked at a graduate school of business as the Admissions Manager, and before that, right after I got my Bachelor’s degree, I worked at one of the world’s biggest PC companies for six years as a Project Manager.

Why did you decide to pursue a postgraduate qualification in early childhood education?
The graduate school I previously worked at offered education for adults, but we also cared about the wellbeing of children. We offered a full scholarship to a student who made a great contribution to childcare services, and my job was to verify their profile. The children we were concerned about were orphans, or children who live in poverty, or who suffer from serious diseases. I was greatly influenced and touched by the kind of people who want to make a better world for these children, and that’s why I decided to enter this field.

When I was choosing a program, I found that NZTC offered many options. There are some programs that are more theoretical while some are more practical. I decided I wanted to start with theory, so I chose the Postgraduate Diploma.

What are the biggest benefits of studying with NZTC?
NZTC offers a high-quality education, they’ve got incredible staff, and the online learning mode is very flexible. It’s allowed me to manage my family duties, study and work well.

I actually just got a job at a kindergarten. The manager knew I was from NZTC, and she was very impressed because she’s previously employed students from our College who are excellent teachers. And, she understood that we have an online learning mode, which means I can be really flexible with study and work. That’s why I was hired!

How does living and studying in New Zealand compare with other parts of the world?
I’ve spent time in places like America, Japan, Europe, and Korea, and I’ve found New Zealand is really a peaceful place. Auckland is a modern city, it’s convenient, it’s secure, but you can also find beautiful nature and the friendliest people here, so I’m really falling in love with it. And, I’ve found the labour market here is really good. You don’t have to struggle to make a life here - it’s very easy to find a job, especially in early childhood education.

What aspect of your studies has interested you the most so far?
I’m really impressed with New Zealand’s ECE curriculum policy, Te Whāriki, and I believe New Zealand is known as a leader in education because it offers the teacher a very clear goal about how we should teach children. I admire that teachers in New Zealand offer a very supportive, open environment for children to freely learn, and they collaborate with parents to set up good communities of learning while focusing on the holistic development of the child.

What are your plans for after you complete your studies?
I actually have two choices. My original plan was, after I finish this Postgraduate Diploma, to go back to China and pursue my career there, but since I’m falling in love with New Zealand, I’m not sure that I want to leave so soon! There’s another great qualification NZTC offers, the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE), which is more practical, so I’m considering spending one more year at NZTC to get more practice and do more field learning in New Zealand.