Rebecca Warnock

Rebecca Warnock
For Rebecca Warnock, the flexibility of studying online meant that she could use her learnings in her everyday teaching practice.


Name: Rebecca Warnock
Current position: Teacher at Tui Early Learners (Palmerston North)
Qualification: Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
Best thing about studying at NZTC: Getting to study while doing what I love everyday
Biggest achievement while studying: Successfully completing my studies and becoming a fully qualified early childhood teacher

Rebecca always knew that she wanted to be an early childhood teacher and since starting work in a centre, has never looked back. Having decided to study with NZTC in order to enhance teaching, the 23 year old has really benefitted from understanding the theory behind her practice.

Why did you choose to study at NZTC?
The extramural aspect sounded perfect for me. I tried going to lectures and that definitely didn’t suit my learning style.

What’s the best thing about learning online?
The fact that I’ve been able to work full time at Tui Early Learners while studying. If I were studying elsewhere I may not have had the opportunity to do what I love day in and day out, and this practical experience was easily applied to each and every assignment I was undertaking. Studying through NZTC has enabled me to be the facilitator of my own learning and share this amongst the children, my colleagues, parents and whānau and the wider Tui community.

How steep a learning curve was it to adapt to NZTC Online, NZTC’s online learning environment?
It didn't take me very long to find my way around; once I had been to my first block course I was informed about everything I needed to know and where to go for particular resources.

Which features of NZTC Online did you find most useful?
The required and recommended readings section was a helpful tool. Being provided up to date articles every assignment meant I was always learning something new and now that I have finished my studies, I can use the readings I have printed off in ways that will benefit me and my teaching practice.

As someone who has been working in the sector for some time, has the content from the online program challenged you?
Absolutely. The Infants and Toddlers paper in the third year allowed me to research more on the idea of attachment. I delved into research from the Brain Trust Foundation and other theorists, which has enhanced my teaching with the children under two at my centre. My knowledge is always growing and I’ve benefitted from new perspectives on leadership, self-review and planning too.

Do you think it’s important that early childhood teachers get qualified?
Yes. You may be able to teach without study but having that knowledge behind you and knowing what the children are going through from the research, knowing the theory behind the children’s development, makes everything so much more meaningful. It helps everyone: the child, the parent, the whānau. Learning online has been a really efficient way of getting there.

What are you most proud of, now that you have finished your degree?
My biggest achievement is that I’m now a fully qualified early childhood teacher in a job that I love. These three years of commitment to my study have been pivotal in my ongoing journey as an early childhood teacher.

What is it about your current position that gets you up in the morning?
I love observing the learning and development that goes on in those precious early years, and establishing and valuing relationships with colleagues, children, parents and whānau.

Would you consider doing further study through NZTC Online in the future?
Yes, I definitely want to take this degree further. Knowing I won’t have to take time off work to study will make the decision even easier, when the time is right. I would probably study the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Education), which would provide future opportunities for me to work as an advocate for the well being, growth, development and learning of children in the early childhood sector.



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