Binumon Thanangattu

Binumon Thanangattu
With support from the College’s international student services, Binumon Thanangattu quickly adapted to Kiwi living after his move from India and now feels at home in New Zealand.


Name: Binumon Thanangattu
NZTC qualification: Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE)
Making the move: Binumon moved from India to New Zealand to pursue an exciting new direction in his career by studying to become an early childhood teacher. Now, after adjusting to life abroad and to online study, he is thrilled with his learning experience and his place in the local ECE whānau.

Why did you decide to study early childhood education through NZTC?
I’ve always had a passion for working with children and after 12 years of teaching primary and secondary school in India I was ready to try something new. So, I began researching ECE programs in New Zealand, a country renowned for its high-quality education. From there it was an obvious choice to consider one of the best ECE colleges in the country, NZTC.

At first I wasn’t sure which ECE qualification would be the most beneficial for me in the long run, and I had a list of colleges to choose from, but Sanjay and his team in the NZTC India Office quickly changed that. They were hugely helpful in clarifying my thoughts and removing any doubts. Once I spoke with them, it took me no time at all to decide that NZTC would be the best choice for my education and the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE) would be the ideal qualification to advance my career.

How has your experience been as an international student in New Zealand?
It is awesome to be in a country which welcomes and respects different cultures. I had no difficulty fitting in with the lifestyle, people and educational environment here, because I had a lot of helping hands around me. English is my second language, so I had some problems with the native style of pronunciation and accent, but people have been very understanding and supportive.

What have you found most useful while studying with NZTC?
NZTC’s lecturers are flexible and knowledgeable, and they provide excellent support. I am also very impressed by the Pastoral Support Team’s services for international students, which are really helpful when students are faced with both personal issues and issues relating to their studies.

How has your experience been studying via NZTC Online?
At first I found distance learning a hard nut to crack because it was completely new to me - all of my previous education had been taught face-to-face. But now that I’ve spent some time learning online, I find it very helpful. I really admire how feasibly learning can be done and managed as per my time and availability.

What do you enjoy most about working in ECE?
Teaching children is definitely the best part. I’m particularly interested in styles of teaching that use play as a medium for learning and encourage children to explore their own interests. I love helping children to learn while having fun.