Sarah Field

Sarah Field
An ability to think critically and question the status quo led NZTC graduate Sarah Field’s Associate Teacher to describe her as the “best student she ever had”.

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Sarah with children from her centre

Name: Sarah Field
NZTC Qualification: Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

The Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) graduate had seven years’ experience working with children in the United Kingdom before deciding to move to New Zealand and retrain to become an early childhood teacher.

Sarah excelled in her studies, receiving NZTC’s Excellence in Practice award for her dedication to quality and commitment to improving her skills as a teacher.

NZTC Lecturer Tracey Genet was impressed by Sarah’s self-motivation, describing her as an “excellent communicator with strong leadership and critical thinking skills”.

“Sarah built really strong relationships with the team and the children and families in her care. She also did a lot of research and shared her ideas, so much so that two members of the team reached out to me to say they were delighted to have her at the centre,” said Tracey.

Empowered through her experiences working at centres while studying with NZTC, Sarah said she was able to learn quickly through the challenges she encountered daily while also receiving constant mentorship and support.

“I am now able to more clearly define my personal teaching philosophy and feel confident articulating my ideas and beliefs and standing by them,” said Sarah.

“I came to understand it is not about having all the answers, it is actually far more important to ask the right questions – as they lead to further learning.”

The Christchurch-based graduate now applies the skills and tools she gained at NZTC in her own teaching practice as a Centre Supervisor at Kindercare.

“I have learnt so much about the New Zealand curriculum and what good quality practice looks like. I have a much better understanding and manner with children and for this I will always be very grateful.”