New Zealand Tertiary College launches Dementia Care program

New Zealand Tertiary College launches Dementia Care program

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The number of people affected by dementia in New Zealand continues to grow and the people tasked with caring for them need the latest knowledge, skills and abilities to support in this specialised area.

In response to the healthcare sector’s need, New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) will begin delivering a Dementia Care program in July. Adding to the college’s current Level 2, 3 and 4 program offerings, the Dementia Care program consists of four unit standards that take nine weeks to complete.

The New Zealand Aged Care Association recently highlighted the need for education options that are flexible and noted dementia care specifically as a “growing area of need that requires specialist training”.

NZTC’s Dementia Care program is studied in a blended learning mode that empowers students to complete theoretical learning online alongside practical learnings implemented in their everyday work.

Students will gain knowledge about the stages, symptoms and behaviours of dementia clients and how to respond to changes in them appropriately.

“70,000 people in New Zealand are currently affected by dementia and these numbers continue to grow. After close conversations with healthcare community members over a period of time, we developed our Dementia Care program to support this specialist training need for carers,” said NZTC Chief Executive Selena Fox.

“We develop our programs with flexibility in mind as our students juggle work, family and study commitments. Our wrap around student support is unparalleled, enabling students to achieve their goals. NZTC is honoured to be stepping in to support carers of people with dementia.”

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