Level 4 graduate inspired to pursue enrolled nursing

Level 4 graduate inspired to pursue enrolled nursing 

NZTC_Raewyn Flavell proves it is never too late to consider a change in careers_Level 4 graduate inspired to pursue enrolled nursing
Raewyn Flavell

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Raewyn Flavell found the inspiration to pivot her career towards healthcare. 

For the 55-year-old mother of three, it was a leap of faith, and a decision driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives during challenging times. 

“At the time I was employed as a chef and had a previous employment history in clothing design and manufacturing for two decades. 

“I recognised that the global pandemic was threatening the lives and wellbeing of people, and it was crucial to be employed where it mattered. People needed people and it was a time to give back and provide support to those who needed it.” 

When Flavell was offered the chance to provide care for a man in her local Kaipara area, she jumped at the opportunity to give back to her community. 

“The client required 24/7 care and while I had no experience in this field, I accepted the offer, and felt grateful to have work where most didn't. However, I recognised that training would benefit the client and further enhance the role that I was in.” 

Her decision to study with NZTC was further reinforced by the support of her employer, who encouraged her to enrol with the college.  

Throughout her Level 3 and 4 studies she experienced a comprehensive support system, which she says played a pivotal role in her growth.  

“Studying with NZTC and the support that they provided has sparked a learning journey that is constantly evolving. Completing my studies has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to face each work day with confidence and capability in my role.  

“Having gained these qualifications, I have recognised my passion of service in the health industry and would like to pursue specialised care.” 

Motivated by her studies with NZTC, Flavell is currently pursuing enrolled nursing and hopes to work in mental health and addiction. 

For others contemplating a change in careers or pursuing study at an older age, Flavell offers some advice. 

“I am proof that it is never too late to consider studying and changing direction in your career path.  

“The health industry needs more people in all sectors. Studying with NZTC can bridge those gaps in the system, improve confidence, boost positive outcomes for clients, and offer financial reward to your role with a qualification in hand. 

“NZTC are a supportive tertiary provider that guide and assist students to achieve results throughout the learning journey. I absolutely recommend anyone to enrol with NZTC if they are considering a career in healthcare.”