Caring for those living with dementia

Caring for those living with dementia


World Mental Health Day (10 October) and New Zealand Mental Health Awareness Week (9 – 15 October) is here, with the aim of raising awareness of mental health issues in New Zealand and around the world.

One of the mental health conditions that healthcare assistants often encounter is dementia. Around 62,000 people in New Zealand are living with dementia, with the number expected to rise to around 170,000 in the next 30 years, meaning the need for specialised care will increase as more people are affected by the condition.

At NZTC, students of the college’s New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Advanced Support) (Level 4) can study a Dementia Care course as part of their program, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to be able to provide the highest standard of care possible.  

Throughout the course a specialist overview of the types and stages of dementia, the cognitive and behavioural changes which take place, as well as a focused look at strategies to manage and respond to challenging behaviour are explored.  

The specific needs of clients living with dementia are addressed, and care approaches to meet these needs are considered, including the New Zealand Framework for Dementia Care, dementia care by design, and environmental interventions.

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