NZTC orientation shares Kiwi culture

NZTC orientation shares Kiwi culture

Auckland April orientation.jpg
Students learnt about New Zealand's history and culture at Auckland Museum

International students experienced Kiwi cultural life firsthand during April’s orientation which fell between Easter and ANZAC day.

NZTC Chief Executive Selena Fox shared the importance of kindness as she welcomed 55 international students from India, China, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and the Solomon Islands.

“We can make a positive difference each and every day by being present, sharing care, respect and love with the person right in front of us. This difference is not small,” said Fox.

“As we choose to add a dose of kindness into the mix of each little interaction we have each day these add up to hundreds of doses of kindness here at NZTC and beyond.”

A traditional welcoming ceremony is central to the NZTC orientation experience, supporting international students’ sense of belonging to both the college and the wider New Zealand community.

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) student Meenal from India described the pōhiri as the highlight of her orientation week.

“The song performed to us by the NZTC Team was so beautiful. I got goose bumps, it really was so emotional. I can’t wait to call my family and let them know about this unforgettable experience,” said Meenal.

Fellow Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) student Harpreet Grewal travelled three hours from Tauranga to take part in the orientation and described the welcoming ceremony as “really lovely”.

Christchurch April orientation.jpg
New students visited Christchurch's heritage tram

“We learnt a new song and met all the whānau. I really liked the way NZTC communicated with us individually so we can know them by face now,” said Harpreet.

In Christchurch, a tour of the city’s iconic gardens, trams and central city shared the best of the South Island’s largest city.

Christchurch-based Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level 5) student Ling (Yoyo) Han voiced her appreciation for the positive approach taken to education in New Zealand.

“I really appreciate the attitude towards children in New Zealand’s culture. Because people know each child has a different personality they are able to find their most wonderful characteristics,” said Ling.

For North Island students, an orientation trip around Auckland furthered their understanding of New Zealand culture including a trip to the Auckland War Memorial Museum and the Auckland waterfront.