NZTC Master’s research now available on DigitalNZ

NZTC Master’s research now available on DigitalNZ

NZTC Librarian Angus Johnston

New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) Master of Education (Early Childhood Education) graduates’ theses and dissertations can now be easily cited in academic research worldwide due to an extended partnership with the National Library.

In the 2017 Staff Survey NZTC staff requested an online shared repository for theses and dissertations produced through NZTC. A number of students have since then asked for an online shared repository. NZTC librarian Angus Johnston sought to accommodate the requests through the recent relationship with the National Library.

“After great consideration to how we could best support our staff and graduates’ requests, we decided to go with a shared repository with the National Library located on DigitalNZ,” Johnston said.

“This will allow theses and dissertations to be available on the DigitalNZ content aggregator, in hard copy at the NZTC Auckland Campus library, and uploaded to the college’s Liberty Library.”

The shared repository for NZTC theses and dissertations will sit alongside He Kupu content, the NZTC online journal, which is also housed within DigitalNZ due to a partnership announced in March 2018.

“The inclusion of NZTC theses and dissertations on DigitalNZ, so closely following the content partnership with He Kupu, further speaks to the robust, critical academic research coming out of NZTC. We are very proud of the quality of our academic work and its contribution to the early childhood sector,” NZTC Chief Executive Selena Fox said.