NZTC graduate promotes inclusivity in early childhood

NZTC graduate promotes inclusivity in early childhood

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Aaron with children from his centre

Early childhood teacher Aaron Wright sees his job as an opportunity to contribute to a better world.

“I get to be a part of creating inclusive, respectful and thoughtful dispositions among our earth’s future custodians,” said Aaron.

“I get to make a difference... in individual lives, in families, in communities and beyond.”

Aaron recently graduated from New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) with a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education), a qualification that has shown him new ways in which he can deepen his practice.

He now returns to the knowledge and theories he learnt every day to support his interactions with children.

“This program has given me the skills, strategies and knowledge to critically self-reflect and continue developing my awareness, understanding, and practice,” said Aaron.

While he found the program challenging at times, Aaron never felt alone as he was supported by college staff and other students who understood what he was going through.

“The staff listened to me moan, gave me extra time when I really needed it, and provided ways to connect with a community of other students experiencing similar challenges,” he said.

Among a growing number of men choosing a career in early childhood, Aaron believes it is important for children to have both male and female teachers so they can benefit from a wider range of learning opportunities.

“Male and female kaiako engage in different ways as do our tamariki, we value different dispositions, are interested in different things, have different strengths, and offer a range of different perspectives,” said Aaron.

“Is it not our responsibility to ensure the most inclusive environment we can? To ensure this balance for the wellbeing of our tamariki?”