NZTC gifting He Taonga to new ECE students in 2018

NZTC gifting He Taonga to new ECE students in 2018

NZTC graduates celebrate with He Taonga

Students who commence their early childhood education studies with New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) this year will be gifted a copy of Te Reo Māori: He taonga mō ā tātou mokopuna (He Taonga).

NZTC launched He Taonga – a 118-page, full-colour Māori language resource – in 2016 to support its students and the wider ECE community in learning and teaching te reo Māori, encouraging the incorporation of the language into everyday practice.

“He Taonga is a testament to NZTC’s unwavering support of the bicultural principles outlined in New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki,” said Chief Executive Selena Fox.

“Our continued gifting of He Taonga to our NZTC students equips them with a valuable tool like no other, which enables them to build their te reo Māori skills with confidence alongside young children.

“It is here that we see the true vision of the resource come to life – the teaching and learning for children… alongside children. There is no better way to celebrate te reo Māori while supporting our students to excel in their early childhood studies and practice.”

Content featured in He Taonga ranges from basics like numbers, colours and shapes, to more advanced elements such as grammar, phrases and songs – all presented in a clear and concise way.

Its well-structured layout enables users to navigate the resource easily, and fun, colourful illustrations are included throughout to support the teachings.

More than 6,000 copies of He Taonga have been gifted to date, with many recipients sharing the positive impact that the resource has had on their te reo Māori teaching and learning.

Feedback from students about He Taonga:

“He Taonga gives me the confidence to use te reo when working with young children, so much so that it becomes almost like a second language for me.”

“This resource is primo. It’s pretty basic and that’s what we need. I find there is more waiata, more words and it also encourages us to use phrases as well.”

“It has been ka mau te wehi engaging in korero with our children through being prompted by this resource. It also made way for a new selection of songs for us to learn and enjoy alongside the children.”

“This resource has given me the confidence to use te reo Māori with the children on a daily basis.”

“It contains short, easy words and phrases that allow a beginner like me to say them with confidence.”

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