ECE scholarship helps busy mum fulfil her career goals

ECE scholarship helps busy mum fulfil her career goals

Inderjeet Kaur

Originally working as a volunteer in an early childhood centre, mother of two, Inderjeet Kaur, quickly realised how much she loved working with young children.

“The respect and love I received from families, children and staff made me very proud of the small positive changes I could make in children’s lives.

“I soon found teaching to be my passion and now I can’t see myself doing anything else. This prompted me to pursue studies to become a qualified teacher.”

After hearing about NZTC’s early childhood study programs through a neighbour, along with the significant scholarships on offer, Kaur decided it was the perfect time to pursue her dream career.

“I chose NZTC due to its flexible study options. I’m working and I also have two children, and I find NZTC provides me all the support I need to accomplish my dream.

“The scholarship from NZTC for the Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) has supported me hugely and I’m enjoying studies without worrying about paying back a loan after my graduation.”

Partway through her studies, Kaur says the wraparound student support, along with the accessible study tools via NZTC Online are second to none.

“Honestly when I first started, I was nervous because it was my first time to study online. Bit by bit I have learned how to use the study resources, where to get support, and the Pastoral Support Team are always available to make sure I’m doing OK and check if I need help.

“NZTC has many useful tools to support my journey, including discussion forums, reflection writing, journals and eMessaging features.”

She feels her studies, including both theoretical and practical components, are helping her gain invaluable skills that she can use in her teaching practice.

“I am enjoying my studies and I am learning a lot about my profession and the tools to become a professional and competent early childhood teacher.

“I have learned through readings, discussions, and implementing these tools in my home centre. The He Taonga educational resource is especially helpful to learn ways of incorporating te reo Māori into my teaching practice.”

Due to graduate at the end of the year, Kaur is excited to continue providing lots of love to the tamariki in her care.

“My next step is to become a fully qualified teacher and continue making positive differences in the lives of young children by supporting their holistic learning journey, including social, emotional, spiritual and physical development.”