Sharing Heart during our Values Month

Sharing Heart during our Values Month

Kim Brougham

Caring and educating with Heart is central to early childhood and healthcare professionals as they work alongside the most vulnerable on a daily basis, and we are privileged to support them as they undertake this important role.

For Health and Wellbeing graduate, Kim Brougham, Ngākau is a value close to her own Heart that motivates her every day as a caregiver.

Heart is my favourite value because I feel like everybody has something to give and everybody brings a different ability and talent. When we embrace these talents and abilities, our residents benefit, which at the end of the day is one of the most important things when being a Healthcare Assistant and delivering care.”

The Level 2, 3 and 4 graduate enjoys the smiles she receives from residents by showing kindness and compassion in the simple, everyday things.

“Making a resident feel empowered, safe and settled is extremely rewarding, and to be able to help them achieve this in a compassionate way is an incredible honour.

“Doing things like placing them correctly in a chair, offering them a cup of tea, providing a hug if needed, letting them choose an outfit, taking them for a walk in a garden, listening to them so they feel heard, or sitting them near a window so they can watch the rain, snow or birds.”

It’s not only the residents Brougham is sharing NZTC Heart with. She enjoys helping her colleagues with her newly gained skills and expertise.

“My new skills allow me to help other Healthcare Assistants in my team. Because I’m able to share this knowledge gained through my studies, I feel I’ve become a more effective and efficient team player.”