Pastoral Support Team nurturing student success

Pastoral Support Team nurturing student success

Pastoral Support Team nurturing student success_Student wellbeing takes precedence at NZTC.

New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) is committed to fostering an environment where students thrive, supported by a dedicated and caring Pastoral Support Team every step of the way.

Barbara Scanlan, NZTC's Student Services Manager, emphasises the team’s role in cultivating a safe and inclusive environment where students can flourish.

“Pastoral Support offers a listening ear and non-judgemental advice. We support all students through their non-academic challenges, and assist them with decision making based on their personal needs and circumstances.

“The team empowers students to be successful in their studies and is there for the hurdles that might pop up along the way, as well as to celebrate the successes.”

Having experienced being students themselves, the team members bring a unique perspective to their roles, and understand the complexities of student life, using their expertise to guide and mentor students effectively.

“The team members are varied, with backgrounds in teaching and psychology. What they have in common is their heart in the right place, kindness and empathy for the challenges students face, an openness to learn with and from others, and an interest in supporting students to be successful.”

The impact of the team’s support has been widely recognised by students, including Deanna Ward, a Master of Early Childhood Education graduate, who found solace in the college's wraparound student support during difficult times.

“Throughout my studies with NZTC, I always felt incredibly supported. During the uncertainties of the Covid pandemic and the loss of a family member, the Pastoral Support Team went above and beyond to ensure I felt cared for and supported. Not once did I doubt my ability to complete my studies.”

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