NZTC celebrates with Vision, Heart, Competence and Spirit

NZTC celebrates with Vision, Heart, Competence and Spirit

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NZTC staff celebrating Values Month in Auckland

August is no ordinary time for New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) as each year the college takes time to reflect on its core values through the annual tradition of Values Month.

NZTC Auckland, Christchurch and India all celebrated the college’s values with activities throughout the month.

“Our 36th year Month of Values has been filled with Vision, Heart, Spirit and Competence. This month enables the team to come together and reflect upon the role NZTC’s values play in the tasks, responsibilities and opportunities we encounter each day. Our NZTC hearts are alive and wonderfully connected,” said Chief Executive Selena Fox.

Longstanding staff members Lecturer Kath Duncan (20 years), Academic Advisor Saras Pillay (15 years), Lecturer Sunel Swart (10 years) and Graphic Designer Christian Suniula (5 years) were congratulated on their outstanding work and dedication to the college.

“After twenty years I still continue to enjoy each day as a lecturer at NZTC,” said Kath Duncan.

“I am proud to be part of a team of dedicated and clever people committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives, sharing the collective goal to empower students to care, educate and serve meaningfully and effectively.”

This year’s celebrations had a special focus on Jagriti Foundation, a New Zealand-based charity founded by NZTC Chief Executive Selena Fox committed to supporting opportunities through education and community support.

Kicking off with Vision in the first week staff created colourful Vision maps reflecting on Jagriti Foundation initiatives, including Bike to School, Learn to Read, Child to School, Sew for Life, Jagriti Academy, Jagriti Sewing Academy and the Hope Fund.

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NZTC staff celebrating Values Month in Christchurch

Three weeks of Heart, Competence and Spirit followed, with activities including a 2,000-piece puzzle showing Competence, yummy Heart biscuits to be enjoyed by all, and a show of Spirit as each team member came up with a creative new fundraising idea.

Staff also took time to recognise colleagues who embodied the college’s values, celebrating their inspiring behaviour with experiences and stories shared among the team.

“A highlight of the month was reading the inspiring stories that were shared. Staff truly took on the lens of the values and lightened up team member’s days through the sharing of magical moments,” Fox said.

The month ended on a high note at the end of Spirit week with a day of fun, food and celebration shared amongst staff in each city, a gathering embodying the college’s values with an unmistakeable sense of Spirit felt by all.