NZTC awarded third consecutive NZQA Category One status

NZTC awarded third consecutive NZQA Category One status

Chief Executive Selena Fox (back middle left) with the NZTC Steering Committee

New Zealand Tertiary College has been declared an “exceptional” education provider by New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) for another four years.

In the October 2018 report, NZQA stated they are “Highly Confident” in educational performance and “Highly Confident” in self-assessment at NZTC, renewing the college’s NZQA Category One status.

An NZQA Category One provider since 2010, External Evaluation Review (EER) concluded the college displayed “strong evidence of the continuity of exceptional performance and self-assessment”.

Specific mention was made to the college values and mission statement. 

“NZTC’s mission statement and values are integral to the organisational culture and contribute to all key activities, their integrity and authenticity,” NZQA said.

Chief Executive Selena Fox remarked that it was very special for the college that the EER panel confirmed that NZTC is truly values-led, inspired and driven.

NZQA further validated other special NZTC characteristics, including valued outcomes, high achievement, and relevant opportunities for learners. Bespoke NZTC online learning environment, ecelearn, was described as “excellent”.

The “significant value” of the college’s contribution to the communities NZTC serves through sharing research and knowledge was also recognised.

“The college puts students at the heart of everything we do. We were particularly proud of the acknowledgement that NZTC supports international students ‘exceptionally’, that we review and strengthen our performance based on quality self-assessment,” Fox said.

NZTC received an excellent for performance and self-assessment for each key evaluative question and the focus areas of Health and Wellbeing programs; international students’ wellbeing and support, and Master’s programs.

“We know, and this is supported by an outstanding EER result, that the college is completely committed to our mission of empowering students to care, educate and serve meaningfully and effectively through comprehensive and professional programs. I couldn’t be more proud of our incredible NZTC team,” said Fox.

Visit the NZQA website to read the full NZTC EER report.