94% of current students recommend studying with NZTC

94% of current students recommend studying with NZTC

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New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) has always been committed to listening to students’ voices and weaving them into everything we do.

In support of this commitment, the college recently conducted its biennial student survey to gain a deeper understanding of the areas in which we are doing well in and the areas in which we can improve. Throughout our history, student voices have served to inspire many new support initiatives.

The feedback received was extensive, constructive and reliable. Of the 708 student respondents, 94% would recommend NZTC to others and 95% felt positive about the college’s overall service.

Responses highlighted the quality of the college’s support services, with 96% saying the support provided by IT Help met their expectations and resolved any problems they were having. We are proud of the personal support our IT team gifts students each day.

94% of respondents found the contact they received from Pastoral Support helpful, with one student describing the Pastoral Support Team as “Fabulous. Very professional and highly supportive”.

One student shared, “I always recommend NZTC, even in the supermarket if the checkout operator asks about my job. NZTC is a great way to get an amazing career and also work and be involved. 110% recommend!”

Special mention was made of the college’s support network and the hospitable experience offered to international students. 96% of international students found their NZTC program met their professional career intentions.

“This study program has not only benefitted me in my experience as an international student but I believe I came to the most hospitable experience in New Zealand through the college… It has connected me with a new world of opportunity,” said one student.

NZTC Chief Executive Selena Fox noted the college’s appreciation of student voices shared.

"Thank you to every student who took the time to offer valuable feedback. Throughout our history, NZTC has always sought out students’ feedback, input and suggestions to ensure their voices are deeply woven through all that we do. We especially love reflecting on all of the college developments that are here today because students shared their needs, ideas and dreams, and NZTC made a way for them.”