MR612 : Working with Adults: Participating in Dynamic Relationships

This course is designed to make a difference to student’s interpersonal engagement with other adults. You explore the nature of effective relationships, how understanding is created in action and interaction, and the personal and collective limitations that may be placed on your participation with others.  Examination of theoretical frameworks relative to interconnectedness and interpersonal engagement, such as systems thinking, complexity theory, and ecological systems will also be considered. The course has relevance to people in supervisory, management and adult teaching roles.  The principles and frameworks discussed in this course can be applied in a range of contexts and in particular in adult education, management, leadership and mentoring contexts.  Those contexts are not seen as teacher-led situations but as dynamic relationships between the people involved. A critical component of the course is the personal learning and professional practice in the lives of the course participants.  You are be encouraged to develop a narrative from your self-studies and, analyse and evaluate your understanding and participation in effective relationships.  The context, which is a gathering of adults in interactive relationships with one another, also provides you with reflective opportunities to understand yourselves individually and collectively. As the course is informed by learning principles such as problem based and authentic learning activities, the nature of some study events is facilitated by participants with the assistance of the course lecturer.