Merv Richdale

Merv Richdale
Merv Richdale’s confidence continues to grow after 40 years outside the classroom.

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Merv Richdale with his client Peter

Name: Merv Richdale

Qualification: New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Advanced Support) (Level 4)

An enhanced understanding of health and wellbeing through study with NZTC has gifted Merv Richdale more confidence in supporting clients in their homes.

“This program has changed my life and made me realise how important it is to study,” said Merv.

It was a chance meeting that first inspired Merv to pursue a career in aged care, after he met a support worker on the street and came to realise a job existed in something he already did “just for the sake of doing it”.

“I happened to meet a lady who was looking after a client and went online to check out the job. It’s been an incredible journey since,” Merv said.

Now a support worker for four years, Merv describes the role as “honourable and humbling”.

“It is so rewarding to walk into a stranger’s home and slowly become a professional mentor and friend. This course has supported me to help my clients so much more.”

Merv has been able to pass on the knowledge he gained through his study to his clients to better understand and accept their conditions.

“Since starting this course I’ve been digging in and doing more research and it’s really helping my clients. I’ve learnt the importance of talking to them at their level and saying, ‘tell me what’s going on in your brain and I can try to help you, we can make bigger steps.”

“After not being in a classroom for 40 years, NZTC keeps making me better and better and more and more confident. People keep saying to me, you’re changing, but in a good way. NZTC’s courses have been amazing.”