Research @ NZTC

Research at New Zealand Tertiary College

New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) fosters a strong research culture to benefit both our academic staff and students. Our staff regularly present at conferences, complete higher academic qualifications, write for journals and other professional publications, and acquire research grants for individual and collaborative projects. Our staff are engaged in a variety of research areas including: early childhood studies, teacher education, social science, social psychology, primary education, philosophy of education and arts education.

He Kupu

NZTC's online publication He Kupu supports early childhood teachers, students, and teacher educators through the publication of research, and discussion on topics of relevance to early childhood education. Visit He Kupu HERE.


NZTC Research Projects

Introduction of the Key Teaching Tasks

New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) has collaborated with key partners from the early childhood sector to conduct a pilot study on the introduction of Key Teaching Tasks as meaningful assessed tasks to be introduced in Field Practice placements.

Principal Investigator: Sean Dolan

Research Team: Chelsea Bracefield and Fiona Woodgate

Pilot Study on Culminating Integrative Assessment

A small qualitative pilot study to elicit key stakeholders responses to a new assessment task that requires students to demonstrate professional learning and reflection on the Standards for the Teaching Profession.

Principal Investigator: Sean Dolan

Co-Principal Investigator: Trish Thomas

Research Ethics Committee

The College recognises the need for adults and/or children to be participants in educational research. The College is also aware of its responsibility for ensuring the privacy, safety, health, personal, professional, social sensitivities and welfare of participants. The NZTC Research Ethics Committee (REC) reviews and approves the adequacy of protection for all research participants, and provides advice and guidance for researchers who conduct their research within the context of NZTC.