Celebrating 40 years

Celebrating 40 years of NZTC

A history of 40 years is a significant milestone for an education provider. Beginning with just 12 students in the initial intake in 1982, the college has evolved to serving over 4,000 students each year.

NZTC’s array of early childhood education and health and wellbeing programs have been studied by over 11,000 graduates to date with 85 dedicated staff currently supporting students with all areas of their study.

To commemorate the college’s 40-year transformative journey, an online booklet and video have been created to share how the college has evolved over time.

“What an honour it is to work and serve at the college in its 40th year of gifting into the early childhood and healthcare professions in New Zealand and across the globe. A history of 40 years offers much to celebrate and reflect on. It offers much to remember and to be thankful for,” said Chief Executive Selena Fox.

40th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet

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Journeying through NZTC’s 40-year history

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