Early childhood education success stories

Early childhood education student and graduate profiles

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE) 

Gemma Stevens

Gemma is using her qualification to empower deaf and hearing impaired children.

Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Lisa Englebretsen

Head Teacher Lisa is the driving force of her Taupo centre.

Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) 

Annie Tikaram

Annie is flourishing at her centre – and so is her beautiful new project.

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (ECE)

Devika Rathore

Devika opens up on studying the Postgrad in New Zealand, making friends and learning online.

Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE)

Ramona Millen

Ramona is a 26 year old Graduate Diploma in Teaching (ECE) student whose love of art and the environment is proving to be a real asset to the newly-established Morepork’s Preschool in Blenheim.

Bachelor of Education (ECE)

Pihu Kapoor

NZTC supported Pihu to complete her qualification despite moving countries halfway through her study.

Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Chelsea Plumridge

Chelsea started studying her Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) straight after her final year at Sacred Heart College. She shares her thoughts on her experiences as an online student in this interview.

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (ECE)

Sarah McKenzie

“This program has allowed me to consider the way I teach and lead through a lens that I had not looked through before.” Sarah shares her experiences of studying the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (ECE).

Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)

Andrew Thornburrow

Andrew’s perception of early childhood teaching has changed dramatically since completing his Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) program. In this profile he considers the complexity of the role of early childhood teacher and his influence as a male teacher.