International student shares her NZTC orientation experience

International student shares her NZTC orientation experience

Amity with new friends

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Education) student Amity Chan-Caco moved to New Zealand in October to study at New Zealand Tertiary College’s Auckland Campus.

After arriving in the country from Bermuda, she attended the college’s orientation program, which is filled with informative sessions and fun activities for new students to get acquainted with their new college and city.

From the outset she felt supported by her fellow students and NZTC staff, which helped to make the move to a new country less stressful.

“I initially thought that, being an adult, the college would give me what I need for my studies and then I’d be on my own. After the first day of orientation it was clear that I was wrong. All the staff at NZTC are very supportive,” said Amity.

“I know that this won’t be a smooth journey and that there will be ups and downs along the way, so it’s a comfort to know that I have new friends and NZTC staff who are there to help me.”

During orientation, students are welcomed to the college with a pōhiri (Māori welcoming ceremony) and hākari (Māori ceremonial feast), introducing them to New Zealand’s hospitable culture.

“I really enjoyed the pōhiri. All the students felt like we were welcomed very well and we could really feel the family spirit at NZTC.

“We all come from faraway places and we get nervous because we don’t know what will happen ahead of us. I got quite emotional during the ceremony because I feel like the college is treating us all like one family,” shared Amity.  

Orientation ended with a field trip to the Auckland Museum, where students can discover New Zealand’s heritage.   

“Visiting the museum, I was amazed by the rich culture of New Zealand. It has given me insight into the country’s culture, and I hope to be as respectful of New Zealanders’ culture as they are of mine.”

Learning about NZ history and culture at Auckland Museum was a highlight