College creates beanbags to help teach shapes, colours and words

College creates beanbags to help teach shapes, colours and words

NZTC Enrolments Team

As New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) celebrates its 35th year, the college’s Enrolments Team are travelling throughout New Zealand, sharing a special educational gift for teachers to share with children in their early childhood centres.

NZTC has developed a teaching resource featuring a set of nine beanbags in an array of shapes and colours with the shape names embroidered in both English and Māori. And as an extra special gift, each set has an additional special beanbag version of the college’s beloved Choccie Fish.  

The colourful beanbags were designed and developed to support early childhood teachers to turn the teaching of shapes, colours and words into a fun, interactive learning opportunity to enjoy with children.

“NZTC has been dedicated to supporting the early childhood sector for 35 years. As we continue to provide quality early childhood teacher education, we also love complementing this with practical, supportive teaching and learning resources that can further support those who play an integral part in young children’s learning,” said NZTC Chief Executive Selena Fox.

“Over the years we have shared parachute fun, gym balls especially designed for children and our He Taonga resource book for teachers. We are delighted to now share this new NZTC learning resource, a beanbag set that invites teachers and children to pick them up and enjoy them together, using them in fun, playful and engaging ways.”

The Enrolments Team is looking forward to continuing to share this special 35 year celebration gift with ECE centres during their travels in the months ahead.