Global Leadership Summit comes to NZTC

Global Leadership Summit comes to NZTC


“You have influence” was the key message shared with staff, early childhood professionals and community members at New Zealand Tertiary College’s private screening of the 2019 Global Leadership Summit.

“Your influence impacts everything and everyone around you. Wherever you choose to invest your influence – your work, your family, your organisation, your community, your study or your home – you touch and change lives,” said NZTC Chief Executive Selena Fox.

A high-impact leadership professional development event, the Global Leadership Summit is hosted annually by Willow Creek Association in Chicago and screened each year at NZTC’s Christchurch and Auckland campuses to support the professional development of leadership skills for college staff and community members.

Over 100 attendees came together to learn from former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss, Life.Church co-founder Craig Groeschel, TV host Bear Grylls and more.

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Author and leadership coach Jo Saxton shared her personal journey as she highlighted the importance of looking after one’s physical, emotional and mental health, asking attendees to consider, “If your body could talk to you, what would it say?”

Thought-provoking discussions filled the room after each session, as team members engaged in deep reflection and considered how they could implement the speaker’s advice into their own leadership.

NZTC Lecturer Alesha Chaston attended the Christchurch event, where she was moved by Craig Groeschel’s advice to figure out when something is “GETMO” (Good Enough To Move On).

“As a lecturer I often spend a lot of extra time developing my powerpoints and critiquing my teaching. Craig’s speech inspired me to think about this from a cost vs benefit point of view, and remember that more time doesn’t necessarily mean better quality,” said Alesha.