Are you ready for a career in the caring profession?

Are you ready for a career in the caring profession?


Caring is at the heart of a Healthcare Assistant’s role, which involves working closely with individuals to support them with their health needs. Whether caring for the elderly, people with disabilities, or those on the road to recovery, a Healthcare Assistant is with them every step of the way, helping to ease their day-to-day living.

For NZTC Level 4 student Leigh Miller, who has worked as a Healthcare Assistant for more than 16 years, being able to closely work with and help people is a fulfilling experience. “I love meeting and working with people. The daily tasks are the job, but the people are my passion,” she explained.  

Assisting those who need care with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, eating, and helping them to continue being an active part of their community are generally part of a Healthcare Assistant’s responsibilities; however, depending on the setting in which they work, tasks will vary slightly.

“The most important thing for me when caring for someone is respecting their choices – what they want to wear, what they want to eat, and how they want me to take care of them,” said NZTC graduate Sudeshni Singh, who works as a Healthcare Assistant at a rest home.

In a hospital environment, Healthcare Assistants undertake some medical responsibilities under the direct supervision of a registered nurse, including monitoring temperature, pulse and blood pressure. For patients nearing the end of their life, a Healthcare Assistant’s support extends to the person’s family, helping them to cope throughout their loved one’s time of illness.

People who have been injured and are undergoing treatment also receive care from Healthcare Assistants, who closely work with clients during the rehabilitation process by helping them to regain their independence. 

“It is not enough to simply love working with people. Of course compassion, kindness and respect are essential, but in the 21st century Healthcare Assistants do much more, and need further knowledge and skills,” stated Leigh.

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