EC501 : Becoming a Professional Early Childhood Teacher

This course introduces you to early childhood education and its value and contribution to children, families, whānau/fanau and communities in New Zealand. In addition, a variety of early childhood services and the philosophies that inform teaching practice are discussed. Te Whāriki (Ministry of Education, 2017), the National curriculum framework document for early childhood education in New Zealand, is introduced and you will examine its overall intent, structure and the practices it promotes. You have an opportunity to investigate the role of the early childhood teacher in maintaining an emotionally and physically safe and healthy environment, in relation to the early childhood education regulations, center policies and procedures. Professional relationships, responsibilities and qualities of early childhood teachers are discussed and you become familiar with the concept of reflection as a tool for growing your teaching practice. This will guide you in articulating a beginning professional philosophy of teaching and learning, which will grow alongside your teaching practice throughout your study.